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Koloa is the only zipline on Kauai that offers a tandem option

Which Venues Offer Tandem Ziplining?

Ziplining in Hawaii is an incredible experience, offering a unique perspective of the beauty of the islands. Soaring high above the ground, riders zip across several hundred (and sometimes over a thousand) feet of cable in an exhilarating sightseeing adventure. Most guests swoop down the ziplines on their own, but some aren’t able to. For safety reasons, ziplines have a minimum weight requirement, which can make it difficult for younger riders to take part in the fun.

That’s where tandem ziplining comes in! Riders strap in, one right behind the other, to fly down from platform to platform. It’s a great way to help a nervous rider feel more confident about the experience and to enjoy the breathtaking scenery zipping by.

Interested in tandem ziplining? It’s not offered everywhere, but here are a few locations that offer the option to their guests.

CLIMB Works at Keana Farms, Oahu

Enjoy the beauty of Oahu's North Shore at CLIMB Works at Keana Farms
Enjoy the beauty of Oahu’s North Shore at CLIMB Works at Keana Farms

On Oahu’s North Shore, you’ll find sunny golden beaches, historic surf towns, and CLIMB Works at Keana Farms. While CLIMB Works offers a variety of different activities, it’s the ziplining that really draws the crowds. This is where you can ride the longest line anywhere on Oahu, over half a mile! Soaring down eight lines, you get views of thriving greenery, a working farm, and sparkling, crystal blue waters.

Traveling with small ones? CLIMB Works offers a tandem zipline option. Kids at least 7 years old but under 80 pounds can participate by riding together with a guide.

The zipline isn’t the only experience at Keana Farms for visitors to enjoy. Before launching from the first platform, you take an ATV ride up to the top. It’s a 10-minute ride that covers two miles of the lush landscapes of this beautiful farmland. Take in the beautiful Hawaiian landscapes as you cruise up the mountainside to your take-off point.

Coral Crater Adventure Park, Oahu

Coral Crater offers tandem ziplining so even the little ones can participate
Coral Crater offers tandem ziplining so even the little ones can participate

As the name implies, there is much more to Coral Crater than the ziplines, but it’s definitely an activity you want to check out. Coral Crater offers six lines for you to zoom down. Strap in and enjoy panoramic views of Oahu’s west side. All around you is vibrant emerald green that stretches for miles. Anyone weighing under 60 pounds can still enjoy the adventure by riding tandem with a guide.

The tandem zipline is just one of the exciting family-friendly activities offered at Oahu’s leading adventure park. There’s also an adventure tower and climbing wall that are suitable for all ages. Guests can also double up in an all-terrain vehicle, cruising over a technical course for an adrenaline rush behind the wheel of a side-by-side ATV.


Koloa Zipline, Kauai

Koloa Zipline is not only the only place on Kauai that offers a tandem option, it also features the longest ziplines on the island. There’s nothing quite like soaring high over beautiful landscapes, and riding together makes it that much better. As long as your combined weight doesn’t exceed 280 pounds, you can strap in one behind the other and launch into the beauty of Kauai!