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We offer ziplines on all Hawaiian islands

Kauai Ziplines and ATVs

Kauai Zipline Backcountry Adventures

The most beautiful Kauai landscapes imaginable. Zip back through time on one of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands. From the Jurassic zipline on Kauai to Kauai’s longest zipline. course featuring 3 of the longest lines on island including the Waita zipline (1/2 mile).

Each line was built with your education and thrill in mind, offering Tandem ziplining, your choice of harness, handlebar pulleys, sunset ziplining, Ground School, and Aerobatics. Kauai Zipline Comparison.


Koloa Kauai Longest Zipline

Ever wonder what it must be like for Superman as he soars high in the air? Did you know it’s a view you, too, can enjoy? With Koloa Zipline’s premier zipline tour, you can finally find out what it’s like to fly over the stunning landscapes of Kauai on Hawaii&...

  • 8 Ziplines on Kauai's and its longest
  • 3 of the longest ziplines including Waita zipline (1/2 mile)
  • 2 forest hikes that are 400ft
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Starting at: $156.45
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