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Autumn in Hawaii

So you booked your trip to Hawaii during the fall. Traveling to your dream destination just as the weather starts to get chillier and wetter seems counterproductive, doesn’t it? Oh, wait. Those aren’t concerns when you’re talking about autumn in Hawaii!

That’s right, when the leaves are turning brown and the temperatures are dropping in other parts of the US, we’re still in bathing suits, frolicking in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean! But maybe you knew that already; maybe that’s why you decided to travel here – to get away from your own weather woes. That just leaves the question of how you plan on spending your autumn escape in Hawaii!


Want to see the beautiful vistas but don’t want to hike miles of trails or fly overhead in a helicopter? Sounds like you’re looking to embark on one of the island chain’s most sought-after adventures – ziplining!

Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life as you zoom along hundreds of feet of cabling, passing through the dense foliage, perhaps getting up close with some of the local wildlife that call these lands home. Ziplining is safe for everyone, and always makes for a great experience as you get a view of the islands like you never dreamed possible.

Thanks to great improvements to the ziplining equipment, you’re able to bring a camera along with you, to snap some photos of this unforgettable adventure.

Be a Pirate

You read that right. Oahu offers you the opportunity to don an eye patch and climb aboard an 83′ Spanish galleon, a ship made to rule the high seas. While you won’t sail off to the ocean’s farthest regions searching for treasure, you will get to enjoy a super-fun boat ride away from the island.

Keep your eye on the horizon as rival ships come sailing in, providing you an opportunity to fire on them with the ship’s (water) cannons. It’s one of the unique experiences you can have in Hawaii, and though it may sound like it’s made specifically for kids, we’d be lying if we said adults didn’t fall in love with it, too!

Manta Ray Night Snorkel

You may be worried that the water in autumn in Hawaii is going to be too cold to enjoy, so let us put that to rest by saying that evening snorkel adventures are wildly popular year-round.

Gear up for a night-time snorkel with these majestic beauties and besides finding that the water is wonderfully warm and comfortable, you’ll also come away with an experience you’ll never forget. Just remember these are living creatures, so treat them with respect and care.

 Just Relax

Amid all the fun and excitement, don’t forget to kick back and relax a little. Autumn in Hawaii is quieter than in the summer and during the winter holidays, so you’ll return home feeling well-rested. Just make sure you tackle some of the above activities, or any of the islands’ other thrilling adventures like shark cage diving, parasailing, or hiking through the lava fields of the Big Island’s Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.