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Grrr! The Manly Man’s Guide to Hawaii

Okay, so a trip to a tropical paradise may not sound like the most macho vacation you can go on, but does that mean there aren’t activities and things to see and do that are Dude-worthy? Absolutely not! The Hawaiian Islands are lands of plenty, meaning there’s plenty to do no matter what type of personality you sport, Sport.

Just because you’re in the middle of the Pacific doesn’t mean every day needs to be a beach-side tan-fest accompanied by fruity umbrella drinks. Not that there’s anything wrong with fruit umbrella drinks. Hawaii isn’t afraid to throw adventure, thrills, and excitement your way. In fact, there are plenty of things to do in the islands that’ll help satisfy your inner Dude, even if you happen to be a sporty gal who prefers thrills over frills.


What’s manlier than taking a selfie while soaring?

Looking for the ultimate in Hawaiian excitement? Then strap in for an exhilarating ride down any of the Hawaii’s many zipline courses. Ziplining is the ultimate Hawaiian thrill ride, providing you a perfectly balanced mix of excitement and stunning visuals.

Cruise along over sturdy cabling, zipping through the tree canopies and over rolling green plains. Soak in the incredible sights surrounding you along your high-adrenaline ride. You’ll quickly find why ziplining has skyrocketed as a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

ATV Tracks

You don’t have to have your feet off the ground to get the rush, either. Just ask anyone who’s cruised along an island technical track behind the wheel of an ATV. Where ziplining offers a grand view of the island, an ATV ride is more about getting up-close-and-personal to the dense rainforests and open plains. A track carved into Hawaiian terrain offers an exciting, muddy experience that’ll have you laughing and enjoying every minute of the ride.

Maybe the best part about ATV rides in Hawaii is that not only do you get to maneuver the vehicle around twists and turns, you can enjoy the experience from the passenger seat as well, which allows you to see and enjoy the island’s beauty.

Hike Over Lava

Conquer this lava field, Dude!

What’s manlier than being able to go home and talk about how you hiked over volcanic terrain? Add to that the pictures you’ll bring back showing off just how close you were able to get to the current flows of Kilauea’s volcanic eruption.

Hike through a lava field, created by the flow of molten lava spewed from the belly of Earth. Over time, these lava flows hardened, altering the terrain of the Big Island of Hawaii and turning parts of it into a black, ashy wasteland. As you explore these regions, hiking over uneven surfaces, you’ll be amazed at how different everything looks compared with the lush green environments you’re used to seeing in the islands.