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Snagging the Best Selfies

Your main incentive for traveling to the island we call the Gathering Place is likely to bask in the Hawaiian sun, to visit its many historic sites, and to participate in some adrenaline-pumping adventure; but while you’re here, you know you’ll want to snag some Instagram-worthy selfies.

To help you take amazing snapshots that show off not just how much fun you’re having but also the beauty of the islands, we’ve put together a list of some activities to do and places to go on the beautiful island of Oahu. Of course, just about everywhere on Oahu is selfie-worthy, but here’s out must-do list:


Though you might be thinking it would be a a bit dangerous to be focusing on your camera during a zipline ride, don’t worry! Our state-of-the-art cabling and braking systems do the work for you so you can go hands-free and take out your phone for the perfect shot.

While ziplining, you’ll be able to grab a picture that shows you having the time of your life in front of a backdrop of blurs of lush green flora and deep blue sea. You may not perfectly capture the beauty of Hawaii while ziplining, but you’ll certainly make everyone back home envious of just how much fun you’re obviously having.

Shark cage excitement

Shark Diving

What better snapshot could you send to people than one where the most feared creatures of the deep are swimming directly behind you?

Sure, there’s a cage between you and them and they’re not really as dangerous as people think, but it’s still an incredible shot – so long as you have a camera that can shoot underwater.

Helicopter Ride

High above Oahu, you can capture an amazing sight: you in the foreground, against a tropical background of green mountains and crystal blue waters. Not only is a helicopter ride a fantastic way for you to see all of Oahu, it’s also sure to provide you with some impressive photos.

The only problem with a helicopter ride is that it’s so easy to get caught up in the breathtaking scenery unfolding around you that you might forget to take pictures.

Diamond Head Crater

View from the top of Diamond Head Crater

One of the most iconic features of the island, the Diamond Head Crater was formed over 200,000 years ago. The crater is open for public hiking and it’s at the very top that you just might get the best selfie ever taken.

From the summit, you can turn so the Pacific Ocean is to your back and the stretch of blue just fades into the horizon. It’s a picture you’ll want to share on every social media platform you can sign up for.