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Evening Ziplining

Hawaii, for those who live there and for the millions of visitors who grace her shores each year, is paradise. Palm trees, white sandy beaches, warm tropical breezes and pristine ocean views offer a combination of beauty that is difficult to rival anywhere in the world. Combine that natural scenery with a thrilling, heart pumping, adrenaline spiking ride through such majesty and you’ve discovered why ziplining has become so popular in the islands.

evening ziplining
Pueo Hawaiian Owl

Hawaii is home to over 40 different types of native birds. These colorful characters are can only be found on the famous island chain and many are endangered. Bird watchers from around the world flock to Hawaii to catch a glimpse of our rare feathered friends. Our ziplining courses provide an ecologically safe way to share in the winged way of our avian neighbors. Catch a glimpse of the stunning pueo—the short-eared owl that is considered by many to be an aumakua, or guardian spirit—as you soar through the captivating Hawaiian canopy.

If perhaps the native bird population doesn’t catch your fancy and the scenic panoramas in the daylight don’t do it for you, several ziplining companies in Hawaii offer a completely different experience: evening ziplining!

After the birds settle in for the evening, start your adventure into the twilight. The usually-clear Hawaiian skies provide absolutely vivid sunsets with out-of-this-world colors that you never imagined exist! Sunsets are special in Hawaii when you’re on a porch. Imagine a sunset from the tree tops, as the last rays pepper through the branches, creating a show of shadows and vibrant light you won’t want to miss.

For those on the Hilo side of the Big Island, as the shadows lengthen, Pele, Goddess of Fire, makes her grandiose entrance to the show. From miles away you can see the legendary glow of Hawaii’s only active volcano, Kilauea.

By day or night, Hawaii ziplines provide a background and ambience that can’t be beat. There may be more harrowing ziplines in the world but we can promise you won’t find any more beautiful.