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Jungle Ziplining

Ah, ziplining. One of Hawaii’s most talked-about and sought-after activities. It combines high-speed thrills with unexpected sightseeing, completing one of the most well-rounded experiences you could ask for.

One of the best things about ziplining in Hawaii is that your journey doesn’t just start atop your initial platform. You typically don’t just drive up to the base of the platform, climb up, and get sent on your way; you have to work a little for the thrills by hiking through the depths of Hawaii’s finest jungles.

Consider this one of the Hawaiian Islands’ greatest adventures, combining the excitement and joy of hiking through the beauty of a rich tropical environment with the thrill and adventure of ziplining high above the island.

A Jungle Hike

Before launching on your ziplining experience, you first have to get there. Once you’ve opted to zip over the beautiful jungles of Hawaii, you need to make your way through the rich, thick forestry to get to your starting destination.

As you traverse the tropical environment of Hawaii’s rainforest, you find yourself surrounded by an amazing assortment of gorgeous plant life and wonderful wildlife. Bring a camera to make sure you can capture the unbelievable sights that you come across.

Along the way, you may even stumble upon breathtaking features like towering waterfalls and stretches of bamboo gardens. It’s all there, waiting for you on your trek to the greatest journey you’ll partake in on your Hawaiian ziplining adventure.

Exotic Jungle Ziplining

Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life! Once you’ve made it through the jungle on foot, you make your way to the top of the first ziplining platform where hundreds of feet of cabling awaits to take you over the beautiful Hawaiian terrain.

Ride down course after course, soaring over the treetops of the same jungles you just walked through, experiencing an entirely different view. In the distance, the island stretches out into the Pacific ocean, the expanse of green giving way to a golden coastline that seems to melt right into the crystal blue. Even beyond that, the shining waters meet the sky at the horizon, allowing you to experience one of the most beautiful views you’ll ever see.

One of the best parts of these ziplining experiences is that your hands are completely free to continue snapping pictures of these unbeatable views. A state-of-the-art braking system ensures that you don’t have to think about the ride itself and when you need to brake, so you can focus your attention on the experience at hand. Whether you use this opportunity to soak in the amazing terrain or to capture some incredible photographs, your time will be very well spent.

What to Expect

Your jungle ziplining adventure is perfect for all ages, though there are minimum and maximum weight limits  to keep in mind.

Ziplining participants can expect thousands of feet of excitement and thrills down a series of different courses that give different views of the islands of Hawaii.