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Ziplining with an Ocean View

What would you say is one of the Hawaii’s greatest features? You’re maybe thinking about the long stretches of dense greenery or the mountainous volcanic formations that are impossible to miss, but there’s something else. It may not technically be on the islands themselves, but the vast expanse of blue that surrounds these tropical paradises is an incredible feature, and not just for its natural beauty.

There are plenty of opportunities to view the deep blue—from the sandy beach and your hotel room balcony being two popular ones—but we think flying high in the air, zipping along a sturdy cable deserves some consideration as well!

Ziplining is an immensely popular activity across the Hawaiian Islands, and while it’s mostly known for the thrills it provides to those who try it, the views are another big part of what makes the experience so incredible.

A View of Infinity

Ever wonder what it looks like to just stare out into the farthest reaches of the open, to see if there really is an end to the vast blue of the Pacific? You may not be able to see as far out when you’re on the ground, but when you’re zooming along on your ocean-side zipline, the ocean seems to melt into the horizon, as if becoming one with it. It’s views like these that make Hawaii such an incredible place for travelers looking for a mix of serenity and excitement.

Regardless of which island you’re on and which zipline you’re riding, you can enjoy over 1,000 feet of fun across multiple lines, each offering a breathtaking view of not only the Pacific but the vast greenery that stretches across each of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Thanks to state-of-the-art harness systems, riders are able to completely enjoy the ride without having to worry about regulating their speed or braking on approach at each platform.

This also allows you to enjoy the ride with a camera in hand, snapping plenty of pictures to share with friends and family. The views are magnificent, though nothing captures the thrill of actually zipping over the canopies of the towering trees that line this wondrous landscape.

A Family-Friendly Adventure

On top of being exciting and offering a beautiful view of the island and, of course, the panoramic views of the deep blue, ziplining on the Hawaiian Islands is also safe and family-friendly. Kids of all ages are encouraged to test their bravery by strapping in and launching themselves on a thrilling journey high above the lush terrain of these tropical oases.