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Ziplining: Hawaii’s Best Activity?

Ah, the Hawaiian Islands. Rich in activities and filled with adventure.

No matter where you look on any of the main islands—Oahu, the Big Island, Maui, or Kauai—it seems like you find one activity constantly popping up: Ziplining! There’s a reason for it, too, and it explains why it’s the best Hawaii activity one could embark on.

Why the best? We’re glad you asked!

High-Flying Thrill Ride

Tired of walking at a moderate pace to get anywhere and see anything? Ditch the hiking boots, toss the backpack aside, and gear up for the ride of your life!

Ziplining is one of the most exciting activities to be experienced on the Hawaiian Islands. While you can reach fun speeds on an ATV course, nothing compares to the speeding journey over the island’s terrain that ziplining offers. Nothing is more freeing than just letting go, spreading your arms wide, and enjoying the feeling of soaring across the island paradise.







You’re in Control

Want to break out your camera and snag some snapshots of the terrain whizzing past you? Go for it! Want to hang on for dear life and scream for mommy as the treetops zoom beneath you? You’re more than welcome to! Ziplining is your experience, do with it as you wish!

A Family-Friendly Adventure

Though there is a weight limit with all ziplines, chances are everyone in your family will be able to enjoy ziplining. This very safe activity is an incredible experience that people of all ages enjoy. Some ziplining experiences even allow a tandem experience, allowing parents to ride with their kids to guarantee they get to enjoy and see all there is to see.



Views for Miles

Sure, you can feel the wind whipping through your hair as your cruise over the ocean’s waves, but do you also get a stunning view for miles around you, from the towering mountains to the wide green valleys below?

Depending on where you’re ziplining, you might have unimpeded views of the Pacific, the rolling plains of Windward Oahu, or towering mountains stretching out before you. Bring your camera – you’re going to want to capture this experience!