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Ziplining 101

Over the past five years or so, ziplining has undergone a major popularity boom, with tours and courses popping up all over the world. From its infancy as a means of transportation through mountainous regions to its innovative use as a way for biologists to study high above the jungle floor, ziplining has come a long way. Perhaps the idea of flying high above the ground suspended by ropes and pulleys is still a foreign one to you. Not to worry, we have the 411 on all things ziplining, from safety to what to expect. Read on for the scoop on flying in paradise.

What To Expect

Throughout the Aloha State, zipline courses are more than just some riggings built to scratch your adrenaline itch. They’re a part of the natural beauty that is Hawaii. During your ziplining adventure, you’re surrounded by abundant nature as you soar from one platform to the next. Zipline lengths range from a few hundred feet to over two thousand feet. It’s like being on an amazing hike that just happens to include flight!

What It Feels Like

Feels like flying!

Ziplining, at the risk of sounding corny, feels like flying! Your speeds range from 15 miles per hour all the way up to 30, depending on your weight. The heavier you are, the faster you’ll fly! What really separates the good ziplines from the great ones is location. As far as prime real estate goes, it doesn’t get much better than lush forests of Hawaii, with some locations overlooking stunning views of the vast Pacific Ocean. Since we’re in the middle of the Pacific, a majority of our plants and animals are native, meaning they can’t be found anywhere else on earth! And while other parts of the world may have beaches, chances are they won’t compare to our white sand perfection.


Is It Safe?

Safety first!

Absolutely! Ziplining is incredibly safe and we take pride in not only showing our visitors the famous Aloha spirit but also ensuring that everyone’s safety is our utmost concern. Local guides are happy to share some of our unique island history when they’re not blowing your mind with adrenaline-spiking flight! Our tours are fun and safe for anyone. All ziplining locations have age and weight requirements; typically, zipliners must be over the age of eight and weigh between 50 and 270 pounds. If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, don’t to forget to add ziplining to your must-dos – come fly through paradise!