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3 Reasons Why Ziplining in Hawaii is Better Than Anywhere Else

Ziplining has become one of the most popular eco-tourism activities out there, and why not? It’s not hard to understand why flying through the air at 30-plus miles an hour, hundreds of feet above the ground, is fun. The answer is obvious. However, not all ziplining is made equal. The difference between slapping a do-it-yourself kit up between two trees in your back yard and a professional system is vast.

Then there is the difference between a professional course in your home state and one in paradise. People from all over the world come to Hawaii to dig their toes in the pristine white sand beaches and swim in crystal clear waters. But not only is there more to see in our tropical utopia, there is a whole other perspective to see it from: an adrenaline pumping, tree-top soaring, blow your mind perspective, which most visitors and even some locals miss! Here are three reasons why ziplining in Hawaii is better than anywhere else.


Unique Inhabitants

The Islands of Hawaii were formed in the center of the Pacific Tectonic plate, so the closest landmasses are thousands of miles away. This remoteness gave rise to plants, animals, and even trees that are native, and unique, to Hawaii. Nowhere else on earth can you find many of our island’s inhabitants.

In ziplining’s earliest days, they were used as a means for biologists to study the world’s forests from a different perspective without damaging the environment. Now you have the opportunity to see the same amazing perspective as the scientists, in one of the most biologically unique and diverse places in the world!


Unique People

The majority of our guides were born and raised in the islands, and those who weren’t quickly become what we call Hawaiian-at-heart. Hawaiian people, like many island populations, move at their own pace with their own vibe. Hawaii is different because our vibe is completely our own. To thrive in Hawaii, adopting that lifestyle is key and undoubtedly, all of our out-of-state guides are Hawaiian-at-heart now!

These certified professionals not only ensure your safety and entertainment but also share their perspective of our beautiful home. They love pointing out native birds and plants, and share a little bit of our extraordinary history and local customs.


Unique Landscape

As we’ve mentioned, Hawaii was formed in a unique fashion and that genesis gave us our native plants and animals. It also created the unparalleled beauty of our mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, craters, and so much more. There’s a reason why so many TV shows and movies are filmed in Hawaii; the views are absolutely stunning! From black sand beaches to vast fields of volcanic rock, interspersed with oases of green forest, our island home is truly a sight to behold and ziplining is just the way to see it.

So when you visit the Aloha State, be sure to check us out and come fly through paradise!