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A View from the Top: Ka’anapali Zipline

Maui is a place brimming with activities. From coast to coast, there is no shortage of exciting and fun things to do. On the northwestern tip of the island, just west of the expansive West Maui Forest Reserve, you’ll find one of these thrilling activities – a zipline experience with a view so incredible it can only be described as breathtaking.

Ziplining at Ka’anapali is perfect for the adventurer in all of us. It’s a fantastic way to get an overview of beautiful Maui, from the winding coastline to the lush, tropical blue of the Pacific.

Eleven Courses of Thrills

The Ka’anapali Zipline doesn’t stop with just giving you one or two courses to ride down, it’s been outfitted with 11 unique zipline experiences that provide you with views of different facets of the island. Starting with line 1, a dual experience that lets two riders race one another to the next platform, the winding courses zigzag over the beautiful terrain, ensuring that no two rides are the same.

Single-rider experiences start with “Molokai,” which soars high above the canopies to give an impeccable view of the Pacific, and leads into “Lanai,” the third line, which provides great views of the Pineapple Island. The fourth line, “Ukumehame,” changes things up as the canopies open up below you for an unbeatable and unimpeded view of Maui’s beauty.

By the fifth line, “Olowalu,” you’re more than prepared for the longer and faster runs that await. In between lines 5 and 6, hike down the valley for a brief trek that takes you past the beautiful native plants you were just flying high over. On line 7, “Wainee, you’re treated to a look at the horizon and the sparkling blue of the Pacific before zipping down to line 8, “Pawaewa,” for the highest ride of the entire system.

From line 9, “Paunau,” you glide down to “Wahikuli,” the course’s tenth line before finishing with a brief hike to line 11, “Hanakao’o,” and getting a view of the entire course you just completed. The look back may well leave you wanting and needing to do it all over again!

A View from the Top

One of Ka’anapali’s finest features is the view. From each of the 11 platforms, riders are given unobstructed views of the surrounding region. That means you get an aerial look at some of the great attractions and locations in the region.

Catch a glimpse of Black Rock Beach, Whalers Village, and Ka’anapali Beach once the view to the coastline opens up. You can may also see the rolling greens of the Ka’anapali Golf Resort nearby. Looking east from the attraction, you can also see hints of the forest reserve and the peak of Puu Kukui.

Great Fun for All

Though ziplining looks exhilarating and intense, it really is a great experience for all ages. Once you’ve felt the sturdiness of the lines and understand how secure you really are, you’ll be able to overlook the heights you’re at.