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Ziplining Across the Islands

Okay, you can’t really zipline from island to island… but wouldn’t that be a rush? For now, we’ll happily take our ziplining adventures where we can get them – individual experiences spread across each island; and though they may not be inter-island transportation, they do serve as incredible tours of the islands, complete with breathtaking views and a rush of adrenaline you’ll never forget.

Oahu Ziplining

One of the most popular spots to enjoy some ziplining on Oahu is Kualoa Ranch. This little slice of paradise is a dream for anyone who loves a good view and incredible sights to see. And we’re not just talking “green as far as the eye can see” kind of sights.

Kualoa Ranch is known for being a hot spot for Hollywood films. As you zip overhead, you’ll probably recognize locations used for movies like Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean, among many others. You do, of course, get an incredible view of rolling green plains and the sparkling waters of the Pacific.

Kualoa Ranch offers a wide variety of activities to complement your zipline adventure, including ATV rides and swimming at a secluded, hidden beach.

Ziplining Over the Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii offers multiple terrific ziplining options. The first is in the northwestern part of the island, just past the Kohala Forest Reserve. This reserve acts as the perfect backdrop to your ziplining experience. Best known for its ocean views, this zipline offers a serene sight, which couples nicely with the thrill of zooming over 1,000 feet of cabling and Hawaiian terrain.

On the northeastern side of the island, Botanical World offers plenty of high-flying thrills, as well as more sedate walks through some of Hawaii’s most beautiful flora. While you won’t catch a glimpse of the continued eruption occurring at Kilauea, you’ll get incredible looks at the dormant volcanic formations that make up a large portion of the island.

Maui Ziplining

Ziplining right at the base of the West Maui Mountains is easily one of the best experiences you’ll ever have in the Hawaiian Islands. There’s something about zipping so close to this mountainous formation that serves to amplify the experience.

Soaring high over some of the most beautiful terrain Maui has to offer, and the towering height of these incredible mountains, is both imposing and stunning.


Ziplining in Kauai

In the northern and southern parts of the island, you’ll find your Garden Isle ziplining experience waiting for you. Soar high over thick canopies, through rich jungles, and over some truly stunning plant life.