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Six Ziplines, One Grand Adventure

It’s such a chore to find something to do in the Hawaiian Islands. You’re surrounded by all this beauty – this stunning, eye-catching collection of rich greenery, golden sand, and volcanic formations – it’s almost too much to bear, isn’t it?

Just kidding! The Hawaiian Islands are an amazing place to get away to. All that beauty is quite therapeutic, but the islands are much more than just a stunning visual experience. They’re an exhilarating escape to Mother Nature with a multitude of ways to experience the awe and wonder of these Pacific wonders.

Consider, for instance, the six ziplines that await you in Coral Crater on Oahu. That’s right, six. A sextet of adventure, all hovering upwards of 65 feet above that beautiful terrain you just can’t get enough of. Ziplining is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the Hawaiian islands, so it’s no surprise that this set of courses is one of the most sought-after thrills on Oahu.

Thrills in Kapolei

Safety first!

Picture it: you’re strapped comfortably into one of the safest zipline harnesses money can buy and beneath your dangling feet, the island of Oahu is, for lack of a better word, zipping past you. The stretches of green, the thick canopies of towering trees, patches of dirt—tracks for an ATV tour you’ll want to check out as well—all combine to create an exciting ride that you definitely won’t soon forget.

Zip over six different lines, each one getting progressively longer and higher than the last. From platform to platform, you’ll soar anywhere from 300 feet to 900 feet at a time at heights of upwards of 65 feet. Thanks to the modern safety harness that takes you from line to line, your hands are free, and while you’re probably thinking we’re about to tell you to bring a camera, there’s actually another aspect to this incredible zipline adventure.

Target Practice on the Go

Laser target shooting

While we can attest that the views are more than enough incentive to embark on this ziplining adventure, you can also use this 6-line course to get in some target practice. Should you opt in for it, you can ride down each line with a replica M4 rifle in hand. As you zip further down the line, you start to see targets strung up along your path to shoot at with this realistic-feeling M4 laser gun.

Target shooting adds another layer of fun to an already thrilling experience and is even suitable for younger guests. Though it’s a thrilling ride, ziplining is always a family-friendly experience, perfect for adults and  kids of all ages who can seek high speeds and towering heights.