Hawaii Zipline safety

Why are adventure sports so exciting?

Because they always carry an element of danger that gives you that adrenaline rush, makes your heart pump faster and your knees soft. Ziplining surely can have that effect on people, but is it really dangerous? The quick answer is: no. Commercial ziplining is in fact statistically safer than driving a car and parents can enjoy the rush together with their family without worrying about accidents or material failure. All four commercial ziplining facilities on Oahu are safe enough to give you that tingle of adrenaline, without actually putting you or your loved ones in danger.

When you rush down a zipline, your safety heavily depends on the line itself and the equipment you are using. This is why all Oahu ziplines satisfy or surpass the Association for Challenge Course (ACCT) safety standards. All the safety equipment necessary for your ride meet industry standards. Your guide will help you pick and put on the right size safety harness and helmet, as well as double check that everything is in order before letting you race down the zipline. During the ride you have nothing to worry about at all, as your speed will automatically be regulated by state of the art breaking systems. At the end of the line, you automatically come to a gentle and secure halt. There is no experience necessary, ziplining is a suitable activity for children as well as adults.

Every group that visits one of the Oahu ziplines will be accompanied by at least one trained guide. This way, you can leave the safety checks and the handling of equipment to an expert and just enjoy the ride. Your guide will help you get ready for a safe departure on the ride of your lifetime. If you make it up to the starting point and suddenly decide that you are too nervous to go through with the ride there’s no pressure. You may just ask your guide to safely take you back to solid ground. Zipline staff routinely go through extensive training and always keep a close eye on their guests.

But what can you do to make this ride even smoother? There are a few guidelines you should follow to prepare for your zipline experience. Before you even leave your hotel, check your clothing. Please wear close-toed shoes that you can tie up, so you won’t lose them halfway down the line. Slippers or sandals won’t be allowed on the zipline. A simple pair of sports shoes is perfect. Please don’t wear high heels.

Very loose clothing or skirts may make it difficult for you to wear a safety harness properly. Mid-length shorts or long pants and a t-shirt make the perfect outfit for your adventure. Also avoid large jewelry, such as dangling earrings and if you have long hair, tie it up safely in a bun.

As mentioned before, there is no previous experience necessary for you to go on a zipline ride. However, please make sure that all members of your group are in reasonably good physical condition. You don’t have to be athletic, but you should be able to carry a weight of 15lbs, climb stairs unassisted and walk short distances on uneven terrain. Visitors who are pregnant, have back or heart issues are not advised to go ziplining. For every other medical condition, please make sure you check with your doctor, as well as the zipline facility, before you show up for your tour above the tree tops. Before going on your zipline ride, don’t drink any alcohol or take any narcotics.

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Now, you may be perfectly prepared for your adventure, but it’s rainy? Don’t worry. Zipline tours take place rain or shine. Simply bring an extra set of clothing to change into after your outdoor activities. In case of high winds or thunderstorms, the expert guides may decide to cancel the tour.

If you have any safety concerns not mentioned in this text, you may call before booking a zipline tour and make sure you feel comfortable going on this adventure. Then it’s just time to lay back, leave your worries behind and enjoy the ride.

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