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First Time Zipliners

What to Be Mindful Of

So, kudos to you! You’ve decided to take the plunge, strap in, and zoom across the gorgeous, Hawaiian terrain! You’ve made an incredibly good choice, especially when you consider just how beautiful the expansive view you’ll be privy to is; but even more-so, partaking in such an activity gives you the chance to learn something about yourself. You can face your fears, see just how much you can handle, all while zipping over the rich, green treetops of Hawaii’s rainforests.

Being a first-time zipliner, you may have a few questions or concerns that we’d like to iron out before you hop on and slide down on the ride of your life!

Getting Over the Fear

We have to assume one major thing that keeps people off of a zipline is their fear of heights. If you have any reservations about the heights you’ll experience, you really shouldn’t. What typically happens is the rider winds up so engrossed with what is spread out in front of them that they don’t even have a chance to think about how high they are.

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This is one of those activities that can help you break your fear. The way the tropical air rushes against you, giving you a sense of freedom and peace. How the islands stretch out in front of you, giving you access to unforgettable sights. It’s enough to make one forget what they were afraid of to begin with.

Dress for Adventure

Your first instinct when you head out for your zipline excursion is to dress for tropical weather. Short shorts, flip flops, tank top – we get it. It’s nice out, you want to enjoy the weather, but you are going to need to wear closed-toed shoes. Depending on which island you’re on and which zipline excursion you embark on, you may even have to hike through some of the Hawaiian wilderness. We recommended tight fitting clothing that you’re comfortable enough to walk around in.

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What to Bring

You’re probably wondering what you could possibly have to think about packing to zipline across the island, but there are a few things. Most importantly is a camera! You’ll see things you won’t want to forget, so why not bring along something that’ll help in the long run.

The tropical sun also doesn’t take a break, so be sure to bring some sunblock and, to drive away any pesky bugs, some insect repellent.

The Line

Now that you’re ready for the zipline, here are some things to get you really excited!

Many of the lines on Hawaii are equipped with state-of-the-art harnesses, tethers, and cabling, ensuring that you’re both safe and comfortable throughout the entire journey. This is what allows you to bring along a camera! Thanks to the modernized equipment, your hands aren’t tied to regulating your speed. You can spread them out and let the wind whip against your body!

When you decided to zipline across Hawaii, you provided yourself the opportunity to experience a variety of different courses that offer a range of different views. Depending on which course you’re on, you’ll be able to see the islands most beautiful features, from the rolling planes to the long stretch of crystal blue that fades into the horizon.