Ziplining and Deep Sea Diving

If you want to enjoy Hawaii from its lowest and highest points, there is nothing that should stop you from doing so. With that said, you may be wondering which lowest and highest points we’re talking about, and it may not be at all what you’re assuming.

When planning one of your many days in this tropical paradise, you want to give yourself a range of activities to do. Why not combine two great adventures into one day by mixing a few hours of ziplining with exploration of the deep blue Pacific right off of Hawaii’s golden coast? Combining these two thrilling activities into one adrenaline-filled day gives you a view of the island’s finest assets – the crystal clear waters that surround them and the incredible terrain that comprises them.

High-Flying Thrills

We recommend starting your day attached to a harness speeding towards a series of wooden platforms while scenic Hawaii just unfolds around you! The fun of ziplining is not just the high speeds and heights you achieve but the incredible view that you’re privy to. With courses that stretch over tree canopies and open planes, once you’re strapped in and zipping down your desired course, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the island’s vast greenery and scattered mountainous regions.

Depending on which zipline you decide to go with, you may even find yourself flying high to the coast, which gives you impeccable views of your next adventure – the deep blue sea.

Underwater Surprises

Once you’ve completed your zipline course, you’ll head to your next planned excursion which aims to take you on an unexpected journey to a mysterious world of gentle giants and other tropical sea creatures. Acting as almost an exact opposite to ziplining, taking part in a Hawaiian diving experience will be a slow-paced excursion below sea level.

Instead of towering mountains and stretches of lush green forests, divers will see a vastness of blue and swim around naturally formed lava tubes and mysterious lava caves. While ziplining may let you see some of Hawaii’s beautiful wildlife, diving excursions gives you the opportunity to explore their ecosystem and get up-close and personal with wondrous beasts like green sea turtles, Parrotfish, and, for the luckiest of travelers, humpback whales, dolphin, and manta rays.

Why Combine the Two

You may be wondering why you’ll want to explore these two adventures during your Hawaiian vacation. They’re two rather different experiences that give their own views of the incredible environments that help make the Hawaiian Islands the beautiful oases that they are.

Where ziplining provides you with an overview of the rich rainforests, rolling planes, towering mountain ranges, and scattered cities speckled across the islands, diving adventures take you into a completely natural world brimming with wondrous life and unseen beauties.

What to Prepare For

When getting ready for your ziplining courses, all you need to worry about is wearing open-toed shoes and bringing your sense of adventure. Since most ziplines allow your hands to be free with state-of-the-art braking equipment, you’re also more-than-welcome to bring a camera.

For your diving fun, you’ll want to pack your favorite swimsuit and definitely be sure to carry along a waterproof camera to bring back photos for those that wouldn’t believe you went diving in an underwater world.