Ziplining on an Empty Stomach (Hint: don’t)

There’s only one thing worse than having an empty stomach grumbling at you through the day, and that’s having an empty stomach grumbling at you when you’re trying to enjoy any of Hawaii’s thrilling outdoor activities. It’s difficult to concentrate on the fun at hand when you have pangs of hunger reminding you every 10 seconds just how empty your stomach is.

Avoid having your fun ruined by your hunger by combing two great Hawaii activities: a culinary tour and ziplining across the beautiful terrain of the islands.

A Tropical Culinary Experience

Before even thinking about strapping yourself into that zipline harness, start your day with a walking food tour. On top of ensuring your stomach won’t be growling at every leg of your ziplining experience, joining a food tour gives you an entirely different look at the Hawaiian Islands than the one seen from overhead.

Perfect for all ages, a walking food tour takes you through the local history and culture that breeds the delicious cuisine of Hawaii. Over the course of multiple eateries, guests enjoy a series of bites infused with the most authentic Hawaiian flavors, fresh from the source. Dishes like taro latte, steak roll, char siu manapua, and spam musubi are served in moderate portions, enough to fill and energize you for your next great island activity.

The Thrills of Ziplining

After you’ve seen the neighborhood on foot and fueled up with a sampling of Hawaii’s Asian/Polynesian-inspired flavors and local cuisine, it’s time to strap in for the thrill ride of your life. If you thought the scenery was incredible on foot, picture yourself high in the air, soaring above the treetops, and looking out into the abyss of green and blue that makes up the island and the Pacific beyond.

Like the culinary tour, you’ll get to see new sides of Hawaii you may otherwise have missed out on. As you soar over the thick forestry of Hawaii’s terrain, you’re presented with a unique view of the tropical paradise that lies before you. Enjoy every inch of these few thousand feet of cabling and get lost in the freedom of the warm tropical air rushing at you.

If you’re feeling brave enough to let go and free up your hands, take your camera on the ride and capture the beauty of the incredible views provided by your ziplining experience.

What to Be Aware of

Though you want to have a satisfied stomach before jumping on your zipline, you’ll also want to have a little break after you eat. Give yourself time to digest before hopping on a thrill ride. Explore a beach, venture into a nearby town; just don’t jump from your culinary tour into ziplining!