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Coral Crater Zipline Combination Tours

When you visit Hawaii there will be plenty of opportunities for fun activities outdoors. Whether it’s water sports, adventure sports, beach time or bicycle tours that you fancy, the green mountains and deep sea of the Hawaiian Islands don’t disappoint.  However, it can be difficult to arrange these activities, especially if you don’t have your own transportation or are unfamiliar with the terrain of the islands.

While getting lost in a new place can be an adventure of its own, most people would agree that they would rather do without the wrong turns, traffic and full parking spaces. Coral Crater offers you an option that combines several exciting activities without any trouble or coordination.

Check out the following combination packages to find the ideal day out for you and your companions.

Epic Adventure Package

This epic package combines the two most popular activities Coral Crater Park has to offer: ziplining and a climb on the adventure tower. The full zipline tour includes six thrilling rides over the ancient crater while the adventure tower gives you opportunity to test your nerves. Meet 18 challenges high above the ground while being securely strapped in a safety harness on the tower. This is an exciting package for guests who don’t want to spend all day in the park.

Extreme Adventure Package

Just like the Epic Adventure, this package includes a full zipline tour of six lines, allowing you to soar high above coral crater just like a bird. Additionally, the Extreme Adventure also offers you access to the side-by-side ATV tour. Race your friends across a challenging course and don’t be afraid to get a little muddy. This ride is all about action and fun.

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Commando Adventure Package

Love the ATV tour and want to try the ziplines as well? Then this package is for you. Give ziplining a try in the half zipline tour, perfect for first-timers and families. This Package includes the laser gun add on. This means you will be equipped with military grade laser guns that look and feel like the real thing! Bring your best aim, as you will shoot at targets while racing down a zipline. After this thrill follow up with a ride on the wild side on side-by-side ATVs through a lush tropical environment.

Ultimate Adventure Package

Can’t decide what you want? Why not do everything? The Ultimate Adventure Package is a full day adventure including everybody’s favorites. Explore the park from above in a full zipline tour, then test your strength on the adventure tower, as you climb and balance across 18 challenges high above the ground. Keep the adrenaline high and enjoy astonishing views of the nature around you on the king swing. This is just like your favorite childhood toy on the playground, only much taller! The freefall experience will give you the feeling of falling down from great height without ever hitting the ground. Cool down with either an ATV drive or a tour on electric mountain bikes.

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Are these packages still not enough for you? Please inquire about lunch or picnic options and party packages for groups. Even though adventure sports can give you sweaty palms and high adrenaline, all activities in Coral Crater are perfectly safe for families and visitors who don’t have any previous experience. Enjoy the thrill and leave the planning to the experts!