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Views to Look Out For: Ziplining on the Big Island

You’ve already made the (very wise) decision to explore the Big Island’s ziplining scene and we’re confident you’ve made a great choice. The freedom, the exhilaration, the stories to tell afterwards! If there’s one thing every Hawaii visitor should try, it’s ziplining. Before you harness in, we’d like to give you an idea of what you should keep your eyes open for.

That’s right, even while you’re zipping down the course at thrilling speeds, you find yourself privy to amazing sights of the Big Island. Of course, your views differ depending on which zipline course you’re on, but the following are a few of the more impressive features that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Mauna Kea

While ziplining on the Big Island, you can expect to capture a glimpse of one of the island’s most prominent natural features. Mauna Kea takes up a large portion of the north-central part of the island, just west of the Hilo Forest Reserve. It’s pretty hard to miss, considering it’s the tallest volcano in Hawaii.

Mauna Kea is currently dormant and is a sought out by many visitors for its incredible hiking trail. Though you won’t see many of its finer features, like archeological sites and hidden lake, the profile view you get is stunning all on its own.


Mauna Loa

Look due south of Mauna Kea at the center of the island and you’ll see Mauna Loa rising high above the Kau Forest Reserve and Kapapala Forest Reserve. Mauna Loa one of the Big Island’s remaining active volcanoes.

Like Mauna Kea, your view of Mauna Loa is from afar, but you’ll gawk in wonder as to how this massive natural feature encompasses such a large section of the island.

Akaka Falls

There’s nothing quite like soaring over beautiful scenery to find yourself gazing out to a majestic waterfall cut into the green and brown of the Earth. The rushing waters of Akaka Falls empty out into a pool below, its blue streams contrasting with the greenery behind it.





World Botanical Gardens

There are few things more beautiful than an entire area devoted to the flora and fauna of a tropical paradise. As you zoom over this botanical wonderland, you get a glimpse of what true beauty lies throughout the island. From the most exotic of plants to the wildlife that flocks to it, there are few sights more serene on a zipline run than the World Botanical Gardens.