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What to Wear on Your Ziplining Adventure

Ziplining is an exhilarating way to get your adrenaline pumping while experiencing the wonder and beauty of mother nature. The best ziplines are located in places you’d already want to hike, but instead of just hiking, you can add flying! That’s why Hawaii is one of the most popular places to let your adventure junkie loose. Not only will you be mesmerized by the beauty of our tropical home, you’ll literally soar through it! Native plants and birds, many not found anywhere else on earth, are your companions. Lush green mountains and breathtaking ocean views surround you. The only question—besides “what are you waiting for?”— is what should you bring? We’ve got you covered with recommendations for ziplining attire and gadgets.

For Everyone

Sunglasses are recommended, not only to protect your eyes from the Hawaiian sun, but also for flying. Have you ever noticed all the famous fliers wore goggles? We won’t require you to go all Evel Knievel but trust us, you’ll be happy you wore them. Sunscreen – after all, you’re in Hawaii! Bug spray isn’t a bad idea if you’re sensitive or allergic, although most people don’t even notice any insects.

For the Ladies

Leggings have taken the fashion world by storm and they also happen to be the perfect apparel for flying. The keys are comfort and coverage. Flexible material is best, as gliding through the air requires some give. We wouldn’t recommend skirts or short shorts because ziplining can lead to some aerial acrobatics, not best performed in scanty clothing. An athletic top, anything you’d be comfortable wearing while hiking. Depending on which zipline location you choose, a light jacket with a zippered pocket for valuables is a sound idea. The mountain air in Hawaii can be crisp and hurtling through the treetops sometimes brings a chill. Also, ziplining requires a helmet, so think about how to best style your hair. Closed-toe shoes are one of the few requirements for ziplining – safety first!


For the Gentlemen

As usual, the attire for men is easier: shorts, a shirt, and a light jacket. It’s best if either your jacket or shorts have a secure pocket; this way you can bring along your phone for Instagram-worthy pics and not worry about it falling out during flight. Clothing with some flex and that keeps you comfortable is really all you need, besides those shoes, of course.


When you come to Hawaii, you’ll want the best devices for capturing our tropical wonderland. GoPro is the standard for any active undertaking, and zooming through a forest certainly qualifies. We rent helmets with GoPros attached, so don’t fret if you don’t have one or forgot to bring it. Our ziplines are hands-free, so you can share pictures and video with your friends, letting them know you’re airborne in Hawaii! If you’re unsure about your grip, it’s probably best to rent a GoPro-equipped helmet and catch all the action without worrying about losing all the amazing vacation photos you’ve collected.