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Big Island

Zipline at Botanical World

The World Botanical Gardens is an oasis of the finest trees and plant life, providing magnificent views that can be experienced either on the Rainforest Trail or strapped in to an incredible ziplining adventure.


Zipline through Gardens & Jungle
Ziplines are 200 feet to 2100 feet in Length
The highest is about 125 feet above the stream below.
World Botanical Gardens and Hawaiian Waterfalls
Suspension Bridge Adventure
Hamakua Coast in Hakalau

What's Included?

8 Fun Filled Ziplines
Botanical Gardens and Maze
Walk across one suspension bridge
See the impressive Kamae'e Falls up close
Views of the Pacific Ocean
All the required safety equipment
Free Digital Photos of your Adventure


The Big Island’s World Botanical Gardens and Waterfalls is brimming with natural wonders, making it the perfect location to strap in and soar over a rich landscape of Hawaii’s most beautiful indigenous flora.

Ziplining over a waterfall on Big Island Hawaii

See Hawaii the way it's meant to be seen – at high speeds, zipping through the dense canopies of one of the island's most beautiful locations. It's an adventure fit for this tropical paradise, surrounding you in lush scenery that all travelers will be able to enjoy.

Ziplining Through the World Botanical Gardens

There's a lot of area to cover within the botanical gardens and what better way to experience it all than strapped into a high-flying zipline? We offer an incredible experience that lets you see every aspect of the gardens' beauty, from the base of the trees to their very full and very high canopies.

A botanical garden is the backdrop for this tropical zipline

This thrilling adventure zips you through the expanse of the gardens as those that chose the ground route to walk along Rainforest Trail. Regardless of how you see the World Botanical Gardens, you'll enjoy a range of the different types of plants native to The Big Island. By ziplining, you're adding a bit more excitement as you fly high and fast along a state-of-the-art zipline course.

Though you'll be soaring through the gardens, your views will be a bit more expansive than just the immediate surrounding area. In the distance, you'll catch glimpses of the blue Pacific and, if you're traveling in the winter, may get lucky and spot a whale breaching the surface. You may hear the rush of water nearby, a waterfall rushing through the vast greenery of the botanical gardens. The stunning Kamaee Falls is just another of the many focal points you'll catch while embarking on this scenic zipline adventure.

These serene views are amplified by the excitement and thrill of zooming down the World Botanical Garden zipline.

Family-Friendly Fun

Feel like you missed some of the amazing sights because you were so engrossed in the rush of ziplining? The Rainforest Trail takes you on a brisk walk through the tropical environment of the gardens, complete with the second largest Herbaceous Maze in the world. The gardens are brimming with incredible things to witness, often hidden behind other amazing sights.

Smiling child enjoying the zipline at Botanical World Adventures

The botanical garden zipline is a family-friendly experience, not just because there's a trail your less adventurous family members can follow you on, but because the zipline is designed for riders of all ages! Even the youngest of thrillseekers can strap into our state-of-the-art safety harness and embark on the ride of their life!

If it's adventure you're looking for, the wonderful sights of Hawaii's lush rainforests, and a family-friendly experience that all can enjoy, then the World Botanical Gardens' zipline experience should be high on your list.


Know Before You Book

  • Adults Age 13: 70 - 275 pounds or 32 - 125 Kg
  • Children Ages 4 - 12 must weigh over 35 pounds (16 Kg)
  • Under 70 pounds (32 Kg) will ride tandem with a professional guide
  • Bring Sunscreen
  • Bring bottles of water
  • Wear long shorts or light pants
  • Please wear closed toe shoes

Quick Details




Minimum Age Requirement

Must be 4 years or older

Activity Times

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Tour Duration

2.5 Hours

Book Now!

Ages 13 and up
Ages 4 - 12

Getting There

Activity Location/Address:

  • Botanical World Adventures, 31-240 Old Mamalahoa Hwy Hakalau, HI 96710


Frequently Asked Questions

  • All solo zip riders must weigh at least 70 lbs and no more than 270 lbs.
  • Children ages 4 or older who weigh less than 70 lbs and more than 35 lbs, will tandem zip with a professional guide.
  • Closed-toe shoe are required

We require you to wear a shirt, pants or shorts, and closed toed shoes. If you want to zip in a skirt, we may allow it but please remember that there are people, including children, walking in the gardens below you on some of the zips. If you have a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, it helps ward off any bug bites. Bring a jacket if you think you might get cold and rain gear in wet weather.

Please remove any dangling jewelry that could get caught in the equipment, tie back long hair so the helmet will fit properly, and secure eyeglasses and sunglasses with a retainer if you have one. If you have protruding body piercings that might get caught on a harness, please remove or tape them over.

24 hours advance notice is required for a full refund. Groups of 6 or more require 96 hours advance notice for refund. Tours may be cancelled due to weather or conditions without notice.

We will not sell, share, or in any way release your personal information to any unrelated third parties. Please check out our full Privacy Policy.

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