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Maui Ziplines

While visitors are hundreds of feet into the air, they’ll find themselves looking out into the vast terrain of Hawaii, soaking in the beauty that lays before them. Meanwhile, back on the ground, you’re toying with the idea of whether or not you want to strap yourself in for an exciting thrillride soaring over the island’s dense forestry.

If you need a little coaxing and knowing that it’s one of the most exciting things you can do on the island, maybe knowing what you’ll be seeing from above will help. Strapped in and zooming overhead, there are a multitude of beautiful sights and terrains you’ll get an incredible view of.

The Vast Greenery

As you traverse the islands of Hawaii on foot, you’re going to come across a lot of greenery. From the lush forestry to the stretches of plains, these beautiful lands are painted in it. The view of these incredible features from above is simply divine.

On the ground, the forests may look imposing and the greenery can blend with the dark wood of the tree trunks. As you soar down on a zipline, all you can see are the rich colors of the treetops. Everything looks more vibrant as you can see it shine better under the sparkle of the Sun.

Beyond the trees, rolling hills and flat plains dot the island, speckled with people enjoying ATV rides and hikes across the tropical ecosystem.

A Golden Coast

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a golden coastline jutting out from a sea of green, only to melt back into the vast depths of the Pacific Ocean. As you peer out over the Hawaiian coastlines on your zipline experience, the sand seems to sparkle beneath the Sun, twinkling as if imbued with hints of diamond.

The beauty is amplified as waves crash on the shore, engulfing the sparkling sand in crystal clear waters. In the distance, you can watch as the vast ocean meets the horizon, creating a line of sparkling blue that’s almost blinding.

It is far too easy to get lost in the beauty of the Hawaiian coast, especially when you can glimpse it all in one amazing, fast-moving view.

Towering Formations

Depending on which island you decide to zipline on, you may find your line of sight impeded by the profile of giant, rocky formations. On Maui, it’s the West Maui Mountains and Haleakkal while Oahu zipline courses can enjoy the distant view of the Diamond Head crater.

From platform to platform, you’re treated to a different view of the Hawaiian Islands, some giving you an all-encompassing look at what awaits you one you get back on the ground. The best part about Hawaiian ziplining is that most courses are equipped with state-of-the-art braking systems that allow your hands to be free. It’s with these systems that you can let go and snap off some photos of the breathtaking views stretched out in front of you.

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